WLKMMAS We are short on time, not much going on here

The site you are trying to view does not currently have much of a home page at all. It is in the process of being upgraded and reconfigured.

Please try this site again later. You might get lucky and we did something.
we did finally do something, but it was not much. We added Banner adds to all of the company web assets, over the course of a week we some how managed to get enough hits and clicks to make 5$. This we like as it helps to offset the cost of running all of this stuff.If there is anything content that you would like to see at this site, please let us know and we will work out how to get that posted.

We do have some other content that was transferred over after our minor upgrade and dumping of the DotNetNuke project.

  • the Penguin cam is always fun to check out.
  • We had the WLKMMAS Exchange WIKI We've since broke this, sorry
  • KM, like many others, seems to be obsessed with Blogs www.hedonists.ca
  • Then of course life would not be complete with our founders Pictures
  • One of The Silent WLKMMAS partners did not like spelling WLKMMAS out for her email address so she came up with a new name and site of her own www.swishpixel.com
  • As always we offer a variety of services to our members and customers, please feel free to contact our owner directly with any inquires Kevinm